For about five years, I traveled with the World of Wonders, one of the last traveling American sideshows. I toured as an MC, Front Talker, Fire Eater and Strong Woman, which means I lifted a fire extinguisher with my tongue for others’ entertainment.

I also did these things at Freaksheaux to Geaux in New Orleans, in New York City and at private parties. If you ask really nicely, I might do these things again!  Contact me for rates, or desires to collaborate, which is my favorite.

Exciting visuals:

185533_265090156850362_277733_n544220_606369289389112_127208528_n  423447_402381006454609_2222178_nphotos by Shadow Angelina
409645_505118972847478_1079808598_n 427395_505118916180817_140457001_nphotos by Jian Bastille

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