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I’m a freelance writer, educator, sculptor and illustrator in New York who writes about science and history (I care very much about sci comm and how medicine, science and technology interact with society). I also draw, screen print, and make sculptures and images of monsters/creatures, science/biological and natural processes, and lowbrow or sci-fi-inspired scenes. I used to lift weights with my tongue and eat fire on a traveling sideshow, and can be persuaded to do those things again.

You can browse some of my selected writing on my contently here, or look at my resume on LinkedIn here.

Or, you can watch me generally fail at using social media often enough to become a sensation. While I have some fun projects in the works, right now on Instagram, I usually take pictures of my dog wearing hats. On Twitter, I try to remember to use Twitter.

I also write science educational materials, including the narrative script for a video about endosymbiosis for HarvardX (their mitochondria class, available here). 

Feel free to contact me at nataliewritesthings@gmail.com

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