I’m Natalie. I’m in New York City. I like to write about science and history, and ladies. I also like to draw and screen print horrible monsters, and ladies. I like to lift weights with my tongue and eat fire. Feel free to hire me to do any of these things!

On Instagram, I take pictures of my dog wearing hats. On Tumblr, I draw monsters and people and nature-inspired things. On Twitter, I try to remember to use Twitter.

My recent writing work has been published at Atlas Obscura, which I cannot lie, is an excellent place to go read about the science of paranoia, articulating whale bonespoisonous Victorian-era advice columns, tenement-era fortune tellers and the Danish anarchist roots of SantaCon. In fact, there’s a full list here that seems, as if by magic, to keep growing.

Feel free to contact me at

I also write educational materials, most recenty the narrative script for a video about endosymbiosis for HarvardX (their mitochondria class, available here). They put great classes together! I’ve also been published in New Republic, The Mission Hill Gazette, the Jamaica Plain Gazette, NolaDefender and RV Escapees magazine.


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