Illustrations, etc.

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I make silkscreen prints and illustrations of monsters and surreal situations that often involve our inherent involvement with nature and biology in bizarre ways, frequently featuring organs, animals, nature and mess.

Illustrations for Atlas Obscura: collage and ink-drawn elements.

17th Century Dating Practice called Bundling

Lenin and his Mushrooms (Seen in article at Atlas Obscura)


Sexploitation Films (Seen in article at Atlas Obscura)

six color screen print on paper

 Past Exhibitions:


Photonola 2012, New Orleans, LA, Printed Here, juried

Isaac Delgado Fine Arts Gallery, NOLA Community Prints

Algiers After Dark 2012: Art Walk & Garden Tea Party, New Orleans, LA

Dirty Linen Night 2012, New Orleans LA

Byrdie’s Gallery, New Orleans, LA

Ten Gallery, New Orleans, LA, C FEM ART

New Orleans Community Printshop, New Orleans, LA, Post No Bills

Mimi’s in the Marigny, New Orleans, LA, Group Exhibition


New Orleans Community Printshop, New Orleans, LA, Prospect 2


2 thoughts on “Illustrations, etc.”

  1. Greetings from Australia.

    Enjoyed your recent cicada monograph.

    As Brennan reflected …

    Behind the veil of burning silence bound vast life’s innumerous
    busy littleness is hush’d in vague-conjectured blur of sound that
    dulls the brain with slumbrous weight, unless some dazzling
    puncture let the stridence throng in the cicada’s torture point of

    C. Brennan

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